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vera steiner bloreVera Steiner Blore is a skilled communicator, consultant and facilitator with a 26-year successful track record in the nonprofit, private and public sectors. She launched Military Leaders in Transition as a forum to engage current and former senior military leaders in transition, potential employers and the experts who work with this unique community.

As an executive career consultant, Vera works with individual senior military leaders seeking customized transition assistance. Her cross-sector experience allows her to help clients evaluate career options, develop effective strategies, and successfully turn their unique talents into fulfilling, new careers.

Vera is a frequent speaker at transitioning military networking events, conferences, career fairs and transition workshops.  In addition, she serves as a career transition consultant to The Military Officers Association of America and is the co-creator and co-presenter of the organization’s Military Executives in Transition (MET) program. Offered several times a year, the MET one-day workshop is designed for senior military leaders interested in a deeper understanding of essential job search and negotiation strategies not typically addressed in service-provided transition workshops.

As the spouse of a retired senior military officer, Vera has transitioned her own professional career at least nine times, working as a consultant, nonprofit executive director, lobbyist and adjunct faculty member. She holds a masters degree in public administration from Columbia University.

If you would like to reach Vera regarding individual transition assistance services or a speaking/ training opportunity, please contact her here.aeczane.com/slim-biotic/https://cialisturk.blogkullan.com


  1. Edward C Enlisted

    Unfortunate that your website addresses senior military leaders and not one mention of the highest enlisted rank. Disappointing to say the least. But then I see the MOAA connection and it’s crystal clear it’s still all about the O even in the civilian world. I am aghast as I have 30 years as a senior military leader coming out of being a MAJCOM command chief as I soon retire. Have a graduate degree under my belt and looking for resources as I make that move to real world and see that there is virtually no assistance available.

    1. VSB

      Edward, thanks for your note. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement and kudos to you on your graduate degree. Your advanced degree will stand you in good stead in this competitive marketplace.

      Much of the advice on our site, in terms of using social media in your job search, mental and physical wellbeing, balancing work/life priorities, as well as adapting to different cultures in the civilian workforce, has been provided with both senior enlisted and senior officers in mind. Also, I encourage you to take the time to look at some of our previous posts and you will find interviews with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard as well as senior enlisted from the U.S. Air Force. We will continue to include interviews with other senior enlisted retirees in the months ahead.

      Thanks again for your note and best of luck in your upcoming transition.

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