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Jan 18

” I Don’t Want to Do Sales”

Over the years, I have come across senior military leaders in transition unsure about which career path to pursue next; the one certainty many seem to share is an almost visceral aversion to “doing sales or business development.” Everyone can appreciate the stereotypes of the used car salesman or other “aggressive” vendors we have encountered who …

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Nov 30

Powerful Communication sans Military Acronyms

Throughout your military career, you have likely been called upon to make presentations, deliver a key message or give a speech to the people you have led. As you step out on your own, you may find that the ability to deliver a persuasive message in an engaging way is a key part of your new civilian …

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Sep 21

Vets and Employers Should Meet Half-Way to Ensure Successful Hiring and Retention

While it might be easiest for veterans to commiserate with other veterans about the “strange” nature of the civilian workplace and for civilians to wonder “what’s up” with that newly-hired vet’s somewhat reserved demeanor, remaining in their respective silos is likely to delay successful veteran integration into the civilian workforce. Executive coach and professional development expert, Dani Ticktin Koplik  …

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Jul 12

Amazon Taps into the Military Talent Pool

As the drawdown continues, Amazon is pursuing military talent through an active recruiting program. Many of those who have joined the Amazon workforce note that the military prepared them especially well to deal with unforseen challenges, and they enjoy being part of a team committed to finding solutions in a dynamic environment. I spoke with Phil Dana, Talent …

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Jun 27

Camouflage to Pinstripes – Journey to Civilian Life

Giving up a familiar lifestyle and a profession that has embodied who you are is not an easy or simple process. This is especially the case as you take the steps to leave the military behind to to seek success and fulfillment in civilian life. Dr. Sydney Savion, retired Air Force officer, author, researcher and expert on human …

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Mar 23

Military Leaders Mean Business

Military leaders are experienced operators in uncertain environments – on the battlefield, in unfamiliar territory, making life-or-death decisions in a matter of seconds. They must lay out a vision and provide the leadership for its successful execution. The private sector can provide an excellent place to segue these talents into a very rewarding and challenging …

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