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Dec 06

Retired Rear Admiral’s Top Ten Transition Tips

Sorting out one’s options after a long career in military service is not always a simple task. Assessing post-military personal and professional priorities is important. It is also helpful to learn from the experiences of former colleagues who are ready to offer their insights about post-military career options and greater work-life balance. RADM John Acton, USCG (retired) …

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Nov 30

Powerful Communication sans Military Acronyms

Throughout your military career, you have likely been called upon to make presentations, deliver a key message or give a speech to the people you have led. As you step out on your own, you may find that the ability to deliver a persuasive message in an engaging way is a key part of your new civilian …

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Mar 23

Military Leaders Mean Business

Military leaders are experienced operators in uncertain environments – on the battlefield, in unfamiliar territory, making life-or-death decisions in a matter of seconds. They must lay out a vision and provide the leadership for its successful execution. The private sector can provide an excellent place to segue these talents into a very rewarding and challenging …

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Mar 09

How Do You Know What Comes Next?

Separation from military service can be a time for reflection, self-assessment, opportunity and reinvention. It is a time to consider who you are without your uniform and to determine what moves you going forward. As you transition to civilian life, you will likely want to consider multiple factors including: Financial needs Geographic preferences Balance with …

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